Time to Ditch the Turtlenecks and Celebrate Spring Days & Nights in Silk!

Spring is here at last and soon Summer will have us rocking on the porch with our lemonade. You don’t want to be overheated in a tired turtleneck so go ahead and say bye-bye to them (and all your other heavy stuff) so you can say hello to the lighter stuff! We know spring temperatures can fluctuate from cool to warm and then right back to cool again and because silk is an amazing temperature regulating fabric, we think it’s an elegant and excellent choice for daytime and nighttime!

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Shelve the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Splash into Flavored Water!

lemon splashing into water

Yes, this is partially a “Dear Pumpkin Spice” letter. It wasn’t that long ago when we welcomed the cooler months with pumpkin spice everything!  And what fun we had with you dear pumpkin spice.  We basically sipped, baked, wore, and bathed in you… How we longed for you. But now it’s a new season and we’re itching for a change. So, we are breaking up with you, Pumpkin Spice, and quenching our thirst for Spring with some refreshing flavored waters!

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The Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is coming up and oh, the pressure! The truth is all women love receiving beautiful lingerie that makes them look and feel gorgeous. But, we know, just the thought of walking into one of those excessively lavender-scented feminine stores with everyone giving you sideways glances makes you break out into a sweat and weak in the knees.

Fear no more – online shopping to the rescue! Follow this simple guide to buying lingerie and together, we’ll have your sweetheart turn into mush, not you.

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The Sensuality of Color

Color communicates without even speaking. Human and animal understand its universal language. We feel the rush of red, pink, orange and yellow; the soothing, smooth, cooling of greens and blues; the deep rich mystery of black and purple. Color can explode our senses, taps into our sensuality, and inspires us. Color helps us feel … alive! Let’s take a deeper look (pun intended!) at color “speak” …

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