10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

While bunnies, colored eggs, twinkling lights, and decorative trees are synonymous with popularly celebrated holidays, there’s one thing at the center of the soon-approaching Valentine’s Day: love.

To celebrate a holiday dedicated to showing the special woman in your life just how much you care and appreciate her, you want a gift as unique and as special as she is that demonstrates how well you pay attention to her likes and dislikes. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift idea for your brand-new girlfriend, your wife of twenty years, or your best friend since childhood, the most important relationships in your life deserve special attention this Valentine’s Day.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas – some traditional, some less ordinary – with tips for making them uniquely hers. Celebrate the most special ladies in your life this Valentine’s Day with one of these great gift ideas.

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Unique to Your Lady:

1) Chocolate: Almost all women love chocolate, and most ladies satisfy this love by grabbing a Hershey bar at the checkout line. Rarely do they treat themselves to a specialty box of delectable chocolates. When she sees a big box of gourmet chocolates, chosen especially for her, her heart is sure to skip a beat.

Keep it unique: Does your lady like milk, dark, or white chocolate? Nuts, caramel, or fruity filling? Is there something she doesn’t like or that she’s allergic to? Maybe she loves the taste of dark chocolate paired with unique flavors such as pomegranate or orange. Or, perhaps she loves the thrill of sampling a variety of flavors. Chocolates come in all shapes and sizes for Valentine’s Day, so it’s easy to turn this traditional gift idea into something special.

Check out the fabulous finds for chocolate lovers at Mr. Chocolate.

2) Lingerie: Ladies like to be cozy when they lounge or sleep. And most ladies don’t normally invest in extra special lingerie for themselves, even though they’d like to. That is why lingerie makes an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for women who love to be pampered but won’t spend money for such luxuries for themselves.

Keep it unique: Does your lady like to be warm or does she complain that she’s too hot? Would she like lingerie she can wear around her kids or would she prefer something special for an intimate setting? What color does she like or look good in?

Check out the great lingerie and loungewear picks to suit any woman’s style from Julianna Rae.

3) Something personal and customized. Nothing touches a woman’s heart more than something not only carefully chosen for her, but customized to be uniquely hers. Whether it’s an engraved locket, a photo book with pictures you’ve carefully chosen to illustrate how your relationship has grown through the years, or something quirky to match her personality, there are tons of options for customized Valentine’s Day gifts.

Make it unique: Choose a gift that suits her taste and style. Think about what she enjoys to do, what she wears, where she works, and other lifestyle considerations that determine whether a particular gift will be useful and meaningful to her. If she enjoys puzzles, for instance, there’s no gift more perfect than this “Where We Met” puzzle from Signals.

Not sure where to start? Personal Creations has a wide selection of unique and personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for her, or check out Personalization Mall’s Valentine’s Day gifts for women.

No matter your choice, as long as you select a gift from your heart with her in mind, you’re certain to make this Valentine’s Day special and memorable for the woman you love most.

4) Coffee. It seems like nearly everyone is a regular coffee drinker, whether they work outside the home, are retired, or chasing after toddlers all day. In fact, many women drink more than one cup each day. A really good cup of joe can make a so-so start to the day a tremendously great one. A stash of extra special coffee for extra-sluggish mornings or special occasions can really make a lady happy!

Keep it unique: Does she like milder or bolder coffee? Flavored or the basics? Is she into organic coffee? Does she have a grinder (that she actually uses) or does she need ground coffee?

Check out the fabulous specialty coffee selection at Madcap Coffee.

5) Cupcakes. Cupcakes are a wonderful sweet treat for her to receive. A box of cupcakes, especially chosen with her in mind? Are you kidding? Fabulous!

Keep it unique: What’s her favorite flavor: chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, carrot, lemon, strawberry? And don’t forget about the frosting! Make sure you choose the right cupcake flavor with the right frosting flavor, with her in mind, of course. If she likes to try unique combinations, an edgy choice such as bacon-flavored cupcakes might be the perfect choice for her.

Check out these delectable cupcakes and baked goods at Magnolia Bakery.

6) Flavored lip gloss. Women love to keep their lips shiny, moisturized, and healthy, sometimes with a touch of color. Tasty flavors are an unexpected, welcome bonus.

Keep it unique: What shades does your lady usually wear on her lips? Bright and bold, soft and subtle, or somewhere in between? Choose a lip gloss that matches her unique style with just a hint of color or one that makes a bold statement.

Not sure which lip glosses make the grade? RealSimple narrows down 10 top choices, or you can check out these great finds on Sephora or MAC Cosmetics.

7) Diamond earrings. You can rarely go wrong with a gift of diamond earrings. Stud earrings are a must in any woman’s jewelry collection, no matter the age or stage in her life. If she already has an ample collection of fine stud earrings, you might consider a totally unique diamond earring design to make her heart flutter.

Keep it unique: Is your special lady conservative or bold in her style choices? Women with a more reserved style will probably prefer smaller, simple choices, while those who love a bit of flair will appreciate larger, modern looks.

Find the perfect diamond earrings for the lady you love at Netaya.

8) Perfume. Perfume really makes a lady feel feminine, especially if it’s a scent she’s crazy about. For this reason, a gift set that includes small sizes of all different scents is often a good choice as it gives her the opportunity to experiment with various fragrances and choose one that’s perfect for every occasion.

Keep it unique: Select a fragrance with undertones similar to the scents she turns to on a day-to-day basis. Don’t go too far on a limb with fragrance picks, as fragrances are often a “love it or hate it” proposition. Do, however, ask other women in your life for opinions and choose a fragrance that she wouldn’t likely purchase for herself to make it extra special.

Good news: You don’t have to make the perfect fragrance choice when you can opt for one of these great gift sets with a variety of sample fragrances from MyPerfumeSamples.com.

9) Specialty Tea. Some ladies are straight tea-drinkers but even if they’re not, most do enjoy a nice, hot cup of tea on occasion. A hot cup of tea is great for winding down and relaxing, or even soothing a sore throat. These occasional indulgences are even better if it’s not just your average cup of tea. If you have a lady in your life who appreciates a fine cup of tea, a selection of gourmet tea might be the perfect gift to show her just how much you appreciate her.

Keep it unique: Does your lady like plain tea or tea with a berry or earthy flavor? Does she typically enjoy tea to relax and wind down or as a substitute for coffee in the morning? Chamomile and ginger are nice choices for relaxation, while green tea can offer a needed energy boost. Also, if she doesn’t have a special tea pot, you may consider getting her one of those as well. It’s the perfect complement to this lovely gift idea.

If you’re not knowledgeable about tea varieties, find out how to select a tea in this article from TeaSource (where you can also purchase tea and teaware) or this post at Let’s Drink Tea. Mighty Leaf is another great place to purchase an array of tea varieties.

gift ideas for valentines day10) Wine. Lots of ladies enjoy relaxing with a glass of their favorite wine. While the special lady in your life might pick up a bottle of her go-to wine from time to time, she may not indulge and spend the money for a nice bottle of wine. And that’s exactly what makes the perfect bottle of fine wine in her favorite variety an extra-special gift this Valentine’s Day.

Keep it unique: Does she prefer sweet or dry; red or white; Italian or local? If you consider the answers to these questions while choosing her valentine wine, she’ll be glad to share a glass with you. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of fabulous wines for the wine lover in your life.

Check out the great wine picks at TotalWine.com and Wine.com. Pair your selection with some unique stemware or wine accessories from Uncommon Goods.


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