Why We Love Tap Pants (And You Should, Too!)

We all know trends come and go in fashion and it is no different in lingerie.  Previously we’ve written about the tap pants vintage cousin the “granny panty” and how the brief was making its way back onto the shelves … or rather our back sides.  However, we think the versatility of the tap pant makes it the all-around champ in your lingerie drawer.  

Tap pants get their name from how they were originally used, by tap dancers in the 1930’s and 1940’s to practice their routines because of the comfort, cut and coverage the tap pant provided. Regardless of whether you like to tap dance or not, we think every woman should own at least one pair and here’s why:

The tap pant is a sexy alternative to current panty trends – You’ve heard the term “less is more” but in this case MORE is Less… and, leaving a little more to the imagination can be, well, sexier!  Plus, many tap pant styles include beautiful lace details and are cut to show off your assets,like your luscious long legs, or hide your flaws, making them more flattering for a variety of figure types.  And, if the tap pant is made of a gorgeous material like silk, it makes them all the more romantic and feminine!

Comfort – When buying lingerie, indulge yourself in items that will make you feel your best. Tap pants are loose and flowing, not tight and binding or cut close to the body so this makes them a super comfortable choice to wear during the day under clothing avoiding panty lines or you can wear them to sleep in at night.  They are as comfortable as your man’s boxers but way cuter!

Versatility – The real reason we think you should own them! – What item in your lingerie drawer will fill so many needs?  Panty?  Slip?  Sleepwear?  Loungewear? Dancewear? Yes, yes, yes, yes and YES!  If you’re bold you can wear them as sexy outerwear because the perfect fitting pair will give you enough coverage.  Pair them with a matching cami and you’ve got yourself a win-win.  Even pairing them with a t-shirt still adds a little glam.  Got Super Bowl fever already?  Wear a pair to match your game day jersey and look fabulous on the couch!

Go Team!  Look fabulous on Super Bowl game day by pairing your favorite team jersey with a tap pant in matching colors, no fan makeup required!


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