Hit the Beach in Stride – Our Summer Beach Tips for Bikinis, Toes, Snacking and more!

Here are 3 things one is allowed to do now that summer is officially here: 1) Read trashy books 2) Buy those great boots you have been eyeing at a HUGE discount and 3) go to the beach!   

Now, we know winter is not especially kind to us mere mortals when it comes to donning beach wear but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the simple pleasure of a day at the beach!  We’re here to arm you with some fun ideas, pretty purchases and DIY hacks so you can pack your beach bag and enjoy a day with one of those aforementioned trashy books!


  1. The Suit:  Love it or hate it, finding the perfect suit can really be a drag. This list of the season’s top bathing suit trends, from Harper’s Bazaar should get you going.   Have a favorite suit but want to give it a new look?  Try this hack for some fun in the sun:  3 strap bra
  2. The cover up:  So you’re not as toned as a swimsuit model. Well neither are we!  The beach cover-up can be practical or ever-so-sexy, but whatever your flavor,  a cover-up should show a little and hide a little at the same time!  Try these ideas from Vogue: 6 ways to make covering up at the beach look cool.
  3. Your Nails:  Kick those shoes off and feel the freedom of bare feet!  Before you do though get them ready with this exfoliating foot scrub and when you’re done polish those toes with some trendy colors.  We love polish from RGB Cosmetics because it doesn’t chip easily (great for the beach!) even better, RGB’s polishes are cruelty-free and do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate or Camphor.  We love their colors “Beach” and “Cerulean”.
  4. Beach Blanket:  Technically this is a picnic blanket but has so many features perfect for the beach and who doesn’t like kissing squirrels?  We like it for its waterproof back and portability, shake it out and throw it in the washing machine when you get home and, can we say it again?  Who doesn’t like kissing squirrels?
  5. Snacks & Drinks: No chips on our list, we want refreshing, protein and tasty so we can spend all day on the sand!  Try fruit skewers, frozen grapes, and this recipe for spicy roasted chickpeas.  If you’re bringing a cooler, cut a cantaloupe in half and drop some yogurt in – now you don’t even need to pack a bowl like Snack Girl! (see what other yummies she puts in halved melon).  Save the alcohol for the resort, before you leave home mix up a batch of Watermelon Lemonade, better yet, make it the night before so it’s wicked cold before you put it in the cooler!
  6. Sunscreen:  Besides a good read the most important item in your bag should be the sunscreen.  Visit Environmental Working Group’s website for their 2015 Guide to Sunscreens to pick the best for your needs.

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