A Single Girl Takes Control of Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone, I am Jessica, one of the Concierge Associates here at Julianna Rae. I am a 35-year-old SWF looking for a fun, hunky teddy bear type of guy to… wait, sorry, wrong post!  Seriously, though, as one of the single gals in the office with a long dating history I’ve entertained my colleagues from time to time with my stories of dates that have gone wrong and others that have gone right.  Because of that, they thought I might have some insight into the single girls take on Valentine’s Day.   

hearts-for-valentines-dayAhhhh, Valentine’s Day… The glittery hearts, the sexy lingerie, rose petals, chocolate and oh, the expectations! It can be enough to send a woman’s mood into a 50-Shades-of-Grey high or a slippery downward slide like no other. Single or coupled, Valentine’s Day can be a minefield.

Seeing as I am casually dating a few different guys right now I can only speak on the single side of Valentine’s Day. As of right now, I don’t have a confirmed date for next week. Of all days, how could Valentine’s Day land on a Saturday??? Although things are heating up with one guy in particular I am not entirely sure if it’s reciprocal. I am in a peculiar spot of wondering… but afraid to ask. Oh, why, oh, why, does Valentine’s Day have to have some much weight?

Well, because Love, actually (Yep!  One of my favorite movies!).  Love comes down to emotions and well, I hate to be cliché, but being a woman I am an emotional creature, so what’s love got to do with it? A lot! Love is warm and attentive, crazy and passionate and for crying out loud– heart-skipping exciting and every one of us wants a piece of it! Hey, I love “Love!”

Okay, so maybe right now my Valentine’s Day isn’t going to have any fireworks going off – but I’ve decided to take control of the day. I will have fun regardless of my relationship status. I will be happy, and I will flirt… Maybe I will let my blouse slip past my gorgeous red bra strap in the checkout line and pretend I don’t notice. Maybe I will buy the cute guy in line behind me a coffee and 38177if I am brave, slip him my number.  I am not going to hide under a rock on this day of Love, I am going to look for opportunities to connect, and, with a smile on my face… I will enjoy every moment. Why? Because a smile on our faces makes us more desirable, that’s why!  And that guy, the one where things have heated up lately? I’ve already planned my outfit for after the date if there is one, his big comfortable shirt.

Because I am around so many sexy clothes all day at Julianna Rae, I will take it down a notch, after a full day of flirting I expect to be exhausted! So guys, please don’t call the office, that picture is one of our gorgeous models – I definitely do not look like that! But ladies, do go ahead and try this outfit out at home (results may vary but he will love it).

Valentine’s Day is a day of Love and there is so much to love! So lighten up and spread it, share it, enjoy it– single or attached– it really doesn’t matter as long as there is love!

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